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What’s the difference between an NVR and a DVR?

The NVR and DVR are video recorders, and both have different features. If you are new to the market, you need to explore the whole surveillance system to make a better choice. First, it is essential to know about your requirements for what type of video recorder you need between DVR and NVR. It helps you to make a better comparison between these two.

When we talk about the NVR and DVR, then both have some similarities and some similarities. Both can receive the data, but the way of receiving the data is different.

Here we will share the sharp difference between NVR and DVR to help you better understand it.
So let’s dive into it.


The DVR stands for the Digital video recorder, whereas the NVR stands for the network video recorder. The primary difference between DVR and NVR is how both can process video data.

The DVR system has the potential to process the data at the recorder. The NVR system has a different data processing system as it encodes the video data at the camera and then streams it to the NVR recorder. It helps to store and remotely view the recorded data.

So both DVRs and NVRs have worked in handling the video data, so they also need to have appropriate cameras. The NVR systems support IP cameras, whereas the DVR demands an analog camera. It is essential to remember that the DVR is a wired security system, and NVR has a whole wireless system.

DVR system

There are the massive advancements with analog in the last few years. It reduces the gap between NVR and DVR systems. Regarding security, the DVR systems have more low-cost protection than the NVR system.

However, the required camera type for the DVR system is an analog security camera that is also famous for CCTV cameras. You can get a flexible analog camera according to your requirements. The analog camera streams the signals to the recorder and then processes the images.

It reduces the complexity of the system and gives better recordings. The camera and DVR recorder are connected through a BNC cable and are best for providing suitable power.

DVR recorders have the hardware chipset, also known as the AD encoder. The recorder is responsible for processing the data from camera to video recording. Always remember that the DVR system is less flexible than the NVR system if we compare the camera and mounting options.

NVR System

The NVR video recording system has the latest technology, the POE security camera. It has more flexibility but is more complex than the DVR system. However, the NVR system processes the data at the camera rather than sending it to recorders. It has robust components that capture the images and every chipset process and then transmit them to the recorder.
The camera and recorder are connected through ethernet cables like cat5e and others. It supplies the power to the camera to capture high-quality video and audio. Keep in mind that the recorder does not process the data in the NVR system. The camera performs the whole processing task and then transmits it to the recorder. However, the NVR recorders receive the digital signals from the camera and deliver high-quality images or video. The ethernet cable carries the audio in-camera with microphones for recording at high quality.

Final words

now you have a clear and compelling difference guide between NVR and DVR. Ensure that you know your requirements and select the correct video recording system for yourself.