Why Is TPM Required In Windows 11?

Microsoft updated their windows and launched the new windows 11 with unique features. However, there are specific requirements for installing the new window and system update. These requirements are not about the RAM as it is mandatory for every operating system. Windows 11 requires the TPM, also famous as the Trusted Platform Module.

If you have an old computer and want to update your operating system, ensure that you have the TPM. You can bypass the TPM requirement in different ways, but installing it for a better working experience is better.

Every windows user is curious to install the new windows 11 but has other confusion about the TPM. Here we will share some essential data that helps you understand why TPM is required to install Windows 11 and how it works.

So let’s dive into it.

Why is TPM essential for Windows 11?

TPM or the Trusted platform module is a secure cryptoprocessor that helps to protect the old computers. The cryptogenic keys provide additional security and protect the computers from attacks by hackers. We can say that the TPM is the security alarm for computer units that prevent malware from destroying or breaching the data.

The manufacturing team of Windows 11 makes it necessary to have the TPM before its installation. It provides different kinds of protection and additional benefits to users. Therefore, software security increases the windows experience and ensures the safe update of old computers.

Now the hackers cannot enter the windows 11 operating system and are unable to exploit the essential data of users. Modern computers already have the TPM that helps install and protect the computer through Windows 11.

Does every computer have a TPM?

By knowing the benefits of having a TPM in your old computer, every user wants to know that their computer has TPM?

You can check your computer in different ways for the presence of TPM. One of the easiest ways to check the TPM is to go to the start menu and search the windows security. Now click on the device security and check if your computer has the installed RPM. You may notice the security processor with a green checkmark in the icon. If there is no icon available in the bar, your computer doesn’t have TPM.

Moreover, when you try to install windows 11 but don’t have the TPM, it will show the message. It says that the computer doesn’t have a compatible TPM. So if you notice that your PC didn’t have the TPM, then ensure to install it and avail its benefits.

There are different ways to bypass the TPM requirement and install windows 11. But ensure to follow the safest methods.

What to do if you don’t have TPM 2.0?

Now it is a fact that Windows 11 requires TPM. But what to do if a computer doesn’t have the relevant TPM? It is one of the mandatory questions, and almost every old computer user wants to know about it.

First, you need to search for the motherboard model compatible with the TPM. You can find it online on Amazon stores or in local markets. If you can find the TPM compatible model, then stick to it and go to its BIOS menu to enable it.

However, if you don’t want to buy the new motherboard and bypass the TPM requirement, choose to make the new registry setup. The secondary process helps you install Windows 11 but fails to provide additional protection.