Dell XPS GPU Failure

Dell XPS 1730 Dual GPU failure / black screen Reflow Repair. *We fix all Dell models like the  XPS, Vostro, Inspiron and Alienware. We also fix many other brands. If your model isn’t listed feel free to contact us for details.

Mac Repair

Mac Logic Board repair. We can fix from the Mac Book Pro to the latest Mac Book Air. Don’t worry you wont loose any data or apps! We are here to help while saving you money.


At Mixcat Computers we use the top of the line professional Dark IR rework stations to ensure a long lasting repair. Other methods of repair like heat guns and baking a board damages other components leading to inevitable system failure.


When a reflow or rework just won’t cut it. We offer a GPU reball service that will ensure great performance and repair life. The solder & equipment we use goes beyond factory specifications for a great repair and the best durability.

Data Recovery

You need your Data! We got your back. We provide data recovery and have an in house clean room to ensure the job is done right. When you just can’t afford to loose your data choose Mixcat Computers to get your files back. We also provide Unlimited Cloud backup to safe guard your mission critical data.

CCFL to LED Conversion

CCFL to LED screen conversions. At Mixcat Computers we are always coming up with new cutting-edge ideas to save you money and get the maximum life out fo your electronic investment.

Hotspot Setup

Wifi Hotspot Setup & Security. We have setup wifi access to some of the largest businesses in central Florida. From apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, doctors offices to schools. We can setup and lock down your network so it performs amazingly while safeguards your workplace or business. We also provide security testing and network hardening.

Laptop Repair

Laptop, Notebook and Macbook repair. We are the laptop experts! Why replace a motherboard or logic board when you can fix it and save money.  Mixcat Computers employs top in their field electronic engineers to target your computer problem and get it fixed fast. Come in for a diagnosis and quote today!

IT Services

Does your company need IT support but can’t afford or don’t have a need for a fully time IT employee? Mixcat Computers can help! We been in the IT business for over 17 years and expert in our field. We hold many certifications and security clearances to handle even the most sensitive of information. We will treat your business like our own. We offer many levels of support. We can handle anything from wiring your network or camera system to server setup and maintenance. Call us for a free consultation!

Website Design

A website says a lot a lot about your business. Make the best first impression to your new clients with a professionally built and designed website. We can build your website from the ground up and have marketing packages to help your business grow. We will build your website within your budget and exceed your expectations. We been in the IT business for over 16 years and would love to help your business grow.  SEO (search engine optimization) packages available too.

Website Development

Want a local web developer with your best interest at heart? Look no further. We will analyze your business needs and put a web development plan in motion. We have worked for some of the biggest companies and helped some of the smallest also. Stop by for a free consultation and lets talk about your business needs. We are located in the heart of downtown Kissimmee on Broadway.

Malware Removal

Do you have Malware on your computer? Bring it to Mixcat Computers for a free diagnosis. Don’t risk your online safety, Malware has the ability to capture your passwords and can really cost you. Some malware can even destroy your data! We are experts at busting malware and we are here to help. Stop into our Kissimmee store and we will get your computer running like new.

Virus Removal

Virus infections have grown in sophistication over the years. Its not just enough to have a brand name virus scanner. You need several layers of security if your a regular web user. Don’t wait until your computer isn’t usable. If you see some strange things going on or performance issues bring it into our shop for a diagnosis. We will tell you whats going on and get it working like new for you. We do have a solution for ransomware and crypto locker!

Lapstop Screen Replacement

Did you crack or break your screen?  Don’t worry we carry a lot of common screens in stock to repair your system fast. We can even fix a touch screen digitizer. We will replace your screen without breaking your bank. The cost on screen replacement has come down a lot and is more cost effective then replacing your system.

Security Camera Installation

Mixcat Computers does security camera setup. This is really the best safeguard against break-ins. You can remotely monitor your location from your smart phone. We carry HD CCTV camera equipment that is very cost effective. You can rest easy knowing everything that is going on is being recorded. We also partner with our local law enforcement to get them all the data forensics they need to catch the criminals.  Call us today for a no cost site evaluation.

Desktop PC Repair

From desktop, laptop to server repair. We are the industry leader in computer repair. We do component level repairs to keep your cost of repair low. We employ the best local techs with years of experience to repair your desktop and keep it running fast and smooth. We also custom build desktops, and can upgrade your existing hardware. Stop by for some free advise or quote. We are here to help!