A Sneak peak at Windows 12

In 2022, Microsoft will release a new Windows 12 with many new features and a fresh new user interface. Everyone is excited waiting for a builders release beta version. Windows 11 was a big upgrade from Windows 10 in features and styling. Here are some of the new features and updates for this new windows build.

Features and Updates in Windows 12

(To be taken with a grain of salt! As we get new information about the Windows 12, count on us to update you here.)

File Explorer in Dark Mode

Settings, Microsoft Edge, Itunes Music, Calculator, and other Windows 12 default applications have been included in prior versions of Windows 12’s Dark Mode feature on the Windows 12 theme. However, Microsoft addresses this shortcoming in the Windows 12 Update by adding the Dark Mode feature to File Explorer. The introduction of Dark Mode in Windows 12 is that I t upgrade is a great addition to Windows 12’s Dark Mode experience. With a dark background display and light text, you can accomplish file processing and executions using the context menu with a right-click on the mouse.

Using a Laptop to Text

You may send and receive SMS right from your laptop with Windows 12 Update. You may connect Windows 12 on a laptop with your Android phone with this edition 12. As a result, you can see and reply to Sms on your Android smartphone or a laptop. You may see images on your Smartphone to view and send SMS. As a result, whenever you snap a pic with your Smartphone, you may immediately view it on your laptop.

Paste History on Windows 12

Clipboard History is the next new feature given by Windows 12 Update. The Clipboard History function allows you to see all of the data you’ve copied or cut in the form of text or files. You can copy the text in order and paste it in the correct position. If you use a Microsoft account to connect your devices, you can Paste data from one device to another. Press Windows + V to bring up the Clipboard History box, which will display all of the lists you’ve copied or cut.

Safety in Windows

The name of Windows Defender was renamed to Windows Security with the release of the Windows 12 Update. This Windows antivirus also has several new security features. Naturally, this makes it easy to protect your data against viruses while allowing specific users to access it.

Snip & Sketch: Windows 12

Features that are new Windows 12 is the latest version of the operating system. Snip & Sketch is the next update. This tool allows you to scribble or edit the screenshot you just took. It’s also very simple to use this feature; all you have to do is press Windows + Shift + S to take screenshots. Then, in the Floating Window, please click on the display image. After that, you can modify and sketch the Screenshot results to your liking.

How to Update Windows 12 Using the Manual Method:

1. From the bottom-left corner, select the Start button.

2. Go to the settings menu (gear icon).

3. Select the Update and Security icon from the fall menu.

4. In the sidebar, select the Windows Update tab (Circular arrows)

5. Choose Check for Updates from the fall menu. If an update is available, it will start downloading immediately.

6. Go to Settings (gear icon).

Devices that work with Windows 12

When Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11, the main element was that machines had a hardware feature called TPM active, which is a security thing available on nearly all boards. While Microsoft will almost certainly ask for the same need again, almost every PC may have a TPM set.

Besides that, it will most likely have the same needs as Windows 11:

  • Processor with 64 bits of memory
  • The clock speed is 1 GHz.
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Drive with 64 GB
  • UEFI supports secure Boot.
  • TPM version is 2.0
  • The resolution must be at least 9 inches, and the size must be at least 9 inches (1366×768)
  • WDDM 2. x visuals using DirectX 12 support
  • Access to the internet

First Update:

  • Microsoft plans to drop part of the old foundation of Windows that is part of all versions of the operating system, including Windows 11.
  • Windows 12 will require a Microsoft Account for Home and Pro users.
  • The security chip Microsoft Pluton will be a requirement.
  • TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot will play a larger role.
  • Parts and bits of Windows 10X will be used.