How to fix Ransomware and crypto lockers?

Do you face the crypto locker ransomware in your system? The crypto lockers’ ransomware can really be catastrophic to your computer & data., but we can remove it. Many of you may think that the crypto locker’s ransomware is not removable, but you can undo the damages to your system. Therefore it is essential to take protective measures to protect your crucial data from crypto locker attacks and ransomware viruses. If you take the initial steps to protect your data, then you wont face data loss from such a damaging virus. Remember that prevention is the key to dealing with the crypto locker and ransomware attacks.

However, if you have a ransomware virus or crypto locker malware, you must take some essential steps. It can help you to fix the errors and remove the ransomware.

So let’s dive into it.

What is ransomware?
The ransomware and crypto locker attack on the system can be debilitating. The target of a ransomware attack can be a one-person business or a multinational company. If the ransomware attacks your system, then the computer will start showing your files as encrypted and they will not open. Your compromised computer might have a popup asking for money in cryptocurrency to unlock encrypted files. These hackers normally ask for Bitcoin as extortion.
It may make you panic, but you must relax and look for possible solutions. It is a fact that ransomware restricts access to your essential files and can can stop your business. This could be a terrible loss for your business, but it can be controlled as soon as you can identify the ransomware or crypto locker virus.

What is a crypto locker virus?
The crypto locker virus is a ransomware that comes from cyber criminals. It is a type of virus or ransomware that infiltrates the users system and gets through security barriers like anti-virus software. The outdated security software might now block the security threat, and crypto lockers attacked the system. The most common sources of the crypto locker virus include infected emails, Ransomware infected websites, and cracked software. This is why its important to be very careful not to run software that is not from a reputable source. Also never open emails that you don’t know the sender.

Once the crypto locker virus gets into the system and encrypts the files, the malware demands a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for decryption. Remember that it is not like a traditional virus or malware, its a lot more dangerous and can hop from one computer to another on your network. This can cause an amazing amount of damage to your data in a very short amount of time.

How to identify ransomware or a crypto locker virus?
As we already said, prevention is the best key to protecting your system from ransomware. If your system gets the ransomware, it can be a challenging task to remove or fix it. However, we will go over how to identify a ransomware virus infection.

There some symptoms to look out for. You may start getting pop-up notifications on your screen. This normally is a box that tells you that your system is infected and will has a count down timer. This ransomware box will have a request for bitcoin and list the hackers bitcoin address. If your curious if this type of exploit is profitable you can lookup the bitcoin address in a block explorer. We have found some bitcoin addresses have collected millions of dollars in extortion from their victims.

If your running an anti-malware software it might start showing the ransomware attack indications. You will also begin noticing a lagging in the systems performance, blocked file access, abnormal network behavior, and other strange things. These are the common symptoms of ransomware or crypto lockers in your computer. However, it gets progressively worse as it works its way through all the files on your system.

How to recover from a ransomware or crypto locker?
If you have the proper security defenses for your system, it is hard for ransomware or crypto lockers to attack. However, it is critical to identify and prevent the attack from spreading through the whole system.

Here is a step-by-step guide that helps you remove or fix the ransomware attack on your system. If your working at a larger business or corporation, notify the help desk immediately after seeing any ransomware popups in the system.

The steps to fix the ransomware include:

Isolate the devices with ransomware
When you notice the ransomware in any device of your system, immediately disconnect it from the others. Ensure to remove all the wired and wireless connections of the device, including the mobile devices, Bluetooth, and internet connectivity. The flash drives or external hard drives will quickly spread the ransomware from one device to another. However, when you isolate the device with ransomware, it will prevent its spread to the whole network.

After isolating the ransomware device, you must check the other connected devices. If the ransomware doesn’t reach them, then work fast to quickly fix the affected devices.

Identify the ransomware virus or crypto locker variant type
Now keep in mind that different variants of ransomware can infect your system differently. When you know the ransomware variant in your system, it can help you locate a decryption / removal tool. There are websites dedicated to providing decryption tools. If nothing will run on your system it might be to late. You might need help from professionals who can use specialized tools to recover your data. If your located in the Florida area, you can bring your system to Mixcat Computers, they provide a free diagnosis and quote. They have been doing data recovery and virus removal for decades. If your system allows applications to run you might be able to get some remote support help too.

Remove the ransomware from the device
When you detect the ransomware, then it’s time to remove it. The initial hack by the ransomware virus is to infect the system and lock all access to the system and files. If you can detect what type of crypto locker or ransomware variant you have you might get lucky to find a decryption or removal tool online. Trend Micro, Avast, Comodo and Enigmasoft is a good place to start looking for a removal tool.

However, there are different ways to remove the ransomware from your device.
Some Types of ransomware delete themselves after infecting the system. Other more malicious ransomware viruses stays in the devices and continuously infects the files and network devices.

You can use anti-ransomware or anti-malware software like Spyhunter. This software efficiently detects the malware and eliminate it from the system. You can find both paid and free anti-ransomware software and try them all. We highly recommend Spyhunter by Enigmasoft

Some tricky ransomware or crypto locker viruses can be super hard to remove through anti-malware software. So it is better to contact a professional like Mixcat Computers for help. Remember time is not on your side. You must act fast before a total data loss.
If you know what your looking for you can remove it manually. This is painstaking. You have to know what your looking for or you can really mess up your system. We have seen crypto lockers infect Terabytes in minutes. So its key to act fast.

When you remove the ransomware, you might not be able to access the encrypted files. However, the ransomware decryption tools are a great help. They can decrypt your files so they can be accessed again. It’s really tough if you come across a very new variant of crypto locker or ransomware. The bugs that have been out for a while, the anti-virus companies have had time to reverse engineer and make remove tools.

Recover the system
After removing the ransomware, it is essential to recover your files through decryption tools. If the system allows, run a system restore to a previous system state before you were hit by the bug. If you have a backup of your system, don’t even bother trying to repair the system. Just restore the backup, it’s a lot safer. Then make sure you have all your system updates and virus protection up to date and run another scan to be safe.

Protective steps, prevent from getting a crypto locker infection.
As we already know, removing ransomware can be problematic. If you are able to remove the ransomware, you need start protective measures to protect against its infection in the system. Here are some protective steps that help stop the spread of ransomware or its penetration into the whole system.

The best security practices include:
Ensure you isolate the infected device and don’t connect it with other devices. If you connect a USB drive with an infected device and connect it with another, it may spread to the whole system.

Some websites also contain infectious malware. Ensure to eliminate access to these websites and you may stop future ransomware infections. If you’re unsure about the safety of a website, run a quick Google search on the site. See what other users are saying about this website.

If you receive any suspicious email, don’t open it. Some suspicious emails also contain attachments, links, or social media links with ransomware. Clicking on these links can be dangerous to your computer.

Don’t download or install any questionable software. Some software contains ransomware material that attacks the entire system.

Always restore the backup files from secure connections. Use Your cloud storage to back up your important files. That way if you get infected you will have a safe backup of these files.

  • Moreover, never store the files in any external drive that can quickly get the ransomware.
  • Always update your anti-malware software for quick detection of any ransomware.
  • Run a virus scan in regular intervals to check the safety of your system.

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